Exterior Commercial Signage

On May 25, 2010, Dieppe City Council approved Bylaw Z-22 which regulates exterior commercial signage.

This bylaw stipulates that an external commercial sign cannot be constructed, erected, displayed, altered or relocated unless it meets the following requirements:

  • Content must be in both New Brunswick's official languages
  • Lettering must be identical in French and in English
  • French must be displayed first


  • Corporate designation (name of business) can be unilingual
  • It is possible to submit a request to City Council allowing unilingual display if it is connected to an organization dedicated to a cultural or educational purpose.   

Please note that this bylaw does not apply to signs that already existed before May 25, 2010, unless they are modified. It is also allowed to add a language other than French or English.

I have a business and want to modify an existing sign. How do I proceed?

You must contact the City of Dieppe Planning and Development Department and fill out a permit request form as you would do for any other construction.

I have an electronic sign. Do I have to ask for a permit every time I change the text?

An exception applies to electronic boards, bulletin boards or billboards, and advertising boards.For more information, contact the Planning and Development Department at 506.877.7855.

Is there a subsidy to businesses that want to comply with the bylaw?

The City of Dieppe will continue to offer up to $3,000 toward the purchase of a new sign or the modification of an existing one. Please call 877.7955 for more information or nicole.leblanc@dieppe.ca.