Historic Places and Monuments

Despite its relatively young age as a municipality, Dieppe is full of history. Monuments have been erected throughout the city to mark the contributions of our first residents, while certain locations have been declared heritage sites.

Heritage sites

Several sites in the city have been declared as heritage and date from various periods throughout our history. Find out more!


Throughout Dieppe, a number of monuments remind us of important moments in our history. These monuments serve to honour the many generations who came before us and who made Dieppe the city that we know today. 

Veterans' War Memorial

Veteran's War Memorial333 Acadie Avenue, Place 1604

This monument was erected by the Dieppe Military Veterans Association in 1981 to honour Canadian soldiers who gave their lives on the beaches of Dieppe, France, as well as other wars fought by Canada and our allies.  

The monument is located near City Hall at 333 Acadie Avenue. Each year, a ceremony of remembrance is held where wreaths are laid at the monument. The event is held on the Sunday closest to August 19.

Donald Gould, a veteran, built the monument. This is what it represents:

The small pebbles laid out in 10 groups represent the 10 assault regiments of the 842 men who lost their lives. The support units lost 65 men, the Royal Canadian Navy lost one and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) lost five on that fateful day of August 19, 1942, during the Second World War. The pebbles were collected by school children on the beaches of Dieppe, France.

The top part of the monument, made of red and white bricks, represents the clouds and fire which filled the air on that sombre day. An RCAF airplane on the horizon reminds us of the Air Force's participation in the raid. The Navy was also instrumental on that day, as is reflected by the grey bricks representing a ship afloat at sea. In the background, a tank portrays the motorized infantry, while the red bricks represent the earth; and the small pebbles, the beaches.

The soldier is shown with his pack, helmet and rifle armed with fixed bayonets, the standard equipment of Canadian soldiers during the Second World War.

In 2000, a granite base was installed in honour of the wars of 1914-18, 1939-45 and 1950-53, as well as the contribution of peacekeepers. Each inch represents a year of war. The names of the 13 Dieppe men who lost their lives during the Second World War are engraved on a plaque on the upper front section of the monument. The names of the members of the Dieppe Military Veterans Association who have died since the Association was founded are engraved on plaques located on the back of the monument.

The black edges of the monument represent the edges of the letters that mothers and wives received from the Casualty Office when their sons or husbands were killed in combat.

In 2001, two side panels were added bearing an imperial war burial type of cross, the Dieppe Military Veterans Association emblem, the dedication, and the Star of David at the bottom. Since the Jewish cemetery is located in Dieppe, the veterans felt it appropriate to point out its presence with the Star of David. A base bearing the words "NOUS NOUS SOUVIENDRONS / LEST WE FORGET" with a poppy on each side was added at the back of the monument.

Honoré Melanson House

Corner of Marguerite Street / Fox Creek Road and Amirault Street

Once known as Fox Creek, this site was established by Paul-Honoré Melanson and his wife Marie-Josèphe Breau in 1748. This couple resisted the 1755 deportation and sought exile in Louisiana in 1764.

Bicentennial Monument                                                                                             

Corner of Sunset and Paul Streets

This monument was erected on the site of Dieppe's first permanent settlement, at the corner of Sunset and Paul streets, during New Brunswick's bicentennial celebrations. The Surette and Thibodeau families were the first settlers to re-establish an Acadian colony in Dieppe in 1755.


Denys Street

This site is where the LeBlanc and Boudreau took refuge in 1777 after being driven from Jolicoeur for taking up arms alongside American rebels.

Joseph Doiron HouseJoseph Doiron House

1150 Amirault Street

This house was built in 1847 and was a gathering and celebration place for the Village of Saint-Anselme. Its basement also served as a school.  

Petcoudiac ChapelPetcoudiac Chapel

Chapelle Street

This monument was erected on September 20, 2002, in honour of the 200th anniversary of the first Catholic chapel built in the area in 1802.  

Patriots Monument Patriots Monument

333 Acadie Avenue, Place 1604

This monument was erected in 1984 to celebrate the centennial of the Acadian flag and national anthem. The 25th anniversary of an Acadian delegation's visit to France led by Gilbert Finn, Adélard Savoie, Euclide Daigle and Léon Richard, is also commemorated by this monument. These four Acadians were invited to France by General de Gaulle in 1967.

Dieppe Veterans' MemorialVeterans Memorial

333 Acadie Avenue, Place 1604                                                                                   

Erected in 1984, this monument honours the memory of the 913 Canadian soldiers who fell in the landing of allied troops in Dieppe, France, on August 19, 1942, during the Second World War.

École Sacré-Cœur MonumentÉcole Sacré-Coeur

555 Gauvin Road (Lou MacNarin School property)

This monument was erected in May 2000 in memory of École Sacré-Coeur and the knowledge and education it provided to several generations. The monument also stands in honour of all those who contributed to its legacy.  

Fire Brigade Monument Fire Brigade Monument

500 Gauvin Road

Erected in commemoration of Fire Chief George Bastarache's 40 years of service, the monument also honours Dieppe's professional and volunteer firefighters. Each year, tribute is paid to deceased firefighters who had been part of the Dieppe brigade for at least 10 years by engraving their names on the monument.

Millennium Time Capsule          

505 Melanson Road, Rotary St-Anselme Park

In order to preserve memories of Dieppe's history, a capsule containing 50 items representing the city was buried under a rock near the St-Anselme Rotary Park lodge on January 1, 2000. The capsule will be opened on January 1, 2050, revealing the changes that took place over the previous 50 years.

Gravity Eternity Gravity Eternity               

432 Melanson Road, Arthur-J.-LeBlanc Centre

This sculpture produced by artist Suzanne Cormier-Dupuis is composed of several steel beams placed randomly. The beams represent the unity of mankind. Together, we are strong! 


J. Laurie Cormier ParkLaurie Cormier Park

Corner of Champlain and Tower Streets

This park was named after a former prisoner of war from Dieppe to commemorate the work and courage of our valiant aviators. 

Darois Family MonumentFamille Darois 

333 Acadie Avenue Place 1604

Erected in memory of Acadian pioneers and residents of Darois Village at the bend of the Petkodiack, which today is the City of Dieppe.

Gauvin Family MonumentFamille Gauvin

333 Acadie Avenue, Place 1604

This plaque commemorates the contribution of the Gauvin Family and is located on the site of Sixte Gauvin`s former property.

Odyssée Odyssée

Along the Petitcodiac River

Located at the bend of the Petitcodiac River, this monument tells the tale of the Acadian resistance that took place along the banks of the river after 1755 deportation orders were issued. Under the command of the famous Broussard brothers and their friends, guerrilla warfare was launched in order to avoid deportation.