A number of family-related activities are offered throughout the year.

Please note that a profile number is required before registering online or in person. To acquire a profile number, visit the following link. This step may take a few days so please ensure that you apply before registration begins. After receiving your profile number via email, you must visit the Dieppe Aquatic and Sports Centre or City Hall in person to show proof of residence.

Friendship Carvival (February 5-7)

Block party

 Families are invited to organize a block party. Consult the fact sheet for details and fill out our registration form.

Wednesday Show

Lineup available in June

Community gardens

The gardens provide an opportunity for residents to grow vegetables, berries, herbs or various annuals or perennials on municipal property. The municipality will support the initial and annual development of the gardens. This includes work such as tilling the soil and delivering soil and compost. Check out the Gardener's Guide to find out more about the program including the responsibilities of gardeners and the applicable rules. Application forms are also available. Click here for the pdf version. (Form is available on page 5)